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15. Graveyard

IMG_7814       Looking over a wall on a rainy day, unfortunately Arlington National Cemetery was closed.  Quiet and somber except for the sound of the raindrops.


IMG_7816                             IMG_7834                                                                                     IMG_7813





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Horses And Humans

Florida State University’s Mascot: Chief Osceola and Renegade fill my theme for horses and humans.  Florida State is one of the schools that do a great job of working with the respective ethnic group to ensure the proper tribute to the tradition.


IMG_0323                IMG_0872

                     IMG_0330                                                         IMG_0329




Single Color On Black And While

This theme was fun as always excited to see the pandas at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.  I try to take my grandsons every summer. This is Mei Xiang enjoying her lunch, she had a new baby for our viewing this year “Bao Bao” who was hiding in a tree and I couldn’t get a good shot to post.IMG_7457IMG_7454IMG_7459IMG_7461